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  Pictures of the old ULPCA, and Utah region of ALPCA Souvenir Plates!

Last updated: October l6, 2023

If you have a picture to add here, send it on in!
The following pictures are compliments of Wes Segni and Mark Coolidge:

Souvenir plates during the time when the club was ULPCA:

2001 plate

2002 plate:

Souvenir plates during the time when the club was a region of ALPCA:

2003 plate:

2004 plate:

2005 plate:

2006 plate:

2007 plate:

2008 plate:

2009 plate:

2010 plate:

2011 plate:

2012 plate:

2013 plate:

2014 plate:

2015 plate:

2016 plate:

2017 plate:

2018 plate:

2019 plate:

2020 plate:

2021 plate:

2022 plate:

2023 plate:

If you have an update to this list, feel free to contact us.

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