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Here is the latest listing of the local ALPCA Members. If you prefer not to have your email or Ebay ID posted on this membership listing, please email us, and it will be taken off.
# Name: Email: eBay ID:
535 Hal Pedersen
3712 John Dodge
3788 Scott R. Christensen
3909 Kevin Gipson
4578 Farrell D. Woods
5520 Dennis Awsumb
5661 David Johnson
5883 Jeff Pearce
6828 Blair R. Holmes alpca6828
7194 Ron Thorne
7329 Marcus R. Howard
7546 Carson Webb
8036 Rick Turner
8206 Wes Segni zul32
8358 Craig Johnson
9692 Jason Triptow
9693 Mike Hansen
9696 Gene Miller
9698 Doug Hancey
9701 Sarkis Bekearian
9704 Bob Lortsher
9705 Steve Lortsher
10428 David Wiggins
10805 Jim Duran
10834 Mike Van Limburg
10905 Randy Sloan
11579 Paul Anderson
11644 Dean Strelow
11912 Lance Steitz
12057 Bruce Powelson

This is an extract from the ALPCA roster of active Utah members. If you attend the meets, but are not a member of ALPCA, then your name will not be listed here until you join ALPCA. We welcome prospective members, but you must be an ALPCA member to sell plates or be eligible for awards. If you have an update to this list, please contact ALPCA, and notify them of any changes you may have.

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