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Here is the latest listing of the local ALPCA Members. The format has just been updated - to see more details on the members go to the ALPCA website - in the Roster section.

Clifford Harold Pedersen (535)

Ross L. Bryner (1336)

John B. Northup (3547)

John E. Dodge (3712)

Scott R. Christensen (3788)

Kevin L. Gipson (3909)

Farrell D. Woods (4578)

Alan Aitken (5139)

Dennis Awsumb (5520)

Sam Weston (5592)

David E Johnson (5661)

Jeff Pearce (5883)

Blair R. Holmes (6828)

John Clark (7511)

Rick Turner (8036)

Wes Segni (8206)

Craig Johnson (8358)

Ken Stewart (8799)

Jason Triptow (9692)

Mike Hansen (9693)

Gene Miller (9696)

Doug Hancey (9698)

Sarkis Bekearian (9701)

Gary Naylor (9703)

Bob Lortsher (9704)

Steve Lortsher (9705)

Dean Murray (9959)

David M. Wiggins (10428)

Jim Duran (10805)

Mike Van Limburg (10834)

Alex Helm (10851)

Alan Parry (10892)

Randy Sloan (10905)

Ron Greenleaf (10907)

Lance Seitz (11912)

Jay Dipo (12456)

Larry Spackman (12481)

Ruth Pearce (12708)

Paul Kell (12719)

Michael Gallo (12938)

Bill Peterson (13084)

Scott Olson (13293)

Mike Sharpe (13550)

Thayne Tagge (13765)

Adrian E Perez (13818)

Jake D Sims (13956)

Joseph Duran (13968)

This is an extract from the ALPCA roster of active Utah members. If you attend the meets, but are not a member of ALPCA, then your name will not be listed here until you join ALPCA. We welcome prospective members, but you must be an ALPCA member to sell plates or be eligible for awards. If you have an update to this list, please contact ALPCA, and notify them of any changes you may have.

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