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  Fall 2017 Plate Show

2017 Fall Meet Pictures - Photo Gallery

The Utah, “This is the Place” region of ALPCA held its Fall meet on Saturday, Oct 28, 2017. In attendance, we had 33 ALPCA members, plus another 20 – 25 family members and guests. It was a very well attended and enjoyable meet. ALPCA members attended from Canada, Idaho, Colorado, California, Ohio, and of course, Utah. Display awards went to Steve and Bob Lortsher for their Utah motorcycle display, and to Gene Miller for his Utah stickers display. An auction was also held. The club voted to produce a Pony Express plate for the Fall meet in 2018, with hopes to involve other ALPCA regions, similar to the Lincoln Highway 3-plate set that was done a few years ago. The Spring meet is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2018 at the Larry Miller SLCC Conference Center in Sandy, UT.

Here are some pictures of the meet.

Here's our collectors browsing/barganing for some good deals:

Displays at the meet:

And we all went out for a big group piciture too!

Thanks everyone for coming out!

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