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2015 Fall Meet Pictures - Photo Gallery

The Utah “This is the place” region of ALPCA enjoyed a successful fall meet October 17th 2015. We had 40 people show up for plate swapping and a great time. Awards were given for 3 of the displays; 1st place went to Thomas Lancaster for his Idaho plates, 2nd place went to Gene Miller for his Lincoln Plate display, and 3rd place went to Steve Lortsher for his Utah 1915 plate. We had our yearly souvenir plate at the meet, there are some available if you would like one. A picture and order information can be found at Thanks to all who came, we had Tom Boyd and Richard Miller form out of state thanks to all you made it a success. Our spring meet will be April 23 same time same place. Look forward to seeing you there.

Here are some pictures of the meet.

Here's our Group picture:

How many 1915 plates do you see in this picture?!

Displays at the meet:

Thanks everyone for coming out!

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